NKR Summer Seminar of Jodo and Iaido with Ishido Sensei‏

”Dear iaidoka/jodoka,

Hereby we invite you to the Netherlands Kendo Renmei’s summer seminar 2014.

We are pleased to announce that Ishido sensei (iaido 8-dan hanshi, jodo 8-dan kyoshi) will again be assisted by the following instructors from Japan:
– Yoshimura Kenichi: iaido 8-dan kyoshi, jodo 7-dan kyoshi
– Shoji Keiichi: jodo 8-dan kyoshi, iaido 7-dan kyoshi.

Also Igarashi Keiji (well known from budo equipment supplier Noshudo) will be present again.

The task of teaching will be shared by the Japanese instructors with the participating European sensei, so there will be different groups for every level.

The enormous floor of the Eindhoven Indoor Sports Center will guarantee plenty of space for everybody to practice at the same time.

The dates are August 1-5 (first jodo, then iaido). There will gradings for both budo from 1-kyu up to and including 5-dan.

You’ll be able to find all information about the seminar on a special website: sites.google.com/site/eindhovenseminar2014.

This includes information about the new hotel arrangement that we made. In short, we think there are plenty of reasons to join the seminar! You can register for both the seminar and the gradings through the forementioned website. The deadline is June 30.

We look forward to seeing you in Eindhoven! Kind regards, Aad van de Wijngaart Technical director Netherlands Kendo Renmei”

Resultat för Svenska Cupen, kyudo, deltävling 2 i Linköping, 17/5 2014

1,Tommy Radesäter,10
2,Laszlo Hennyey,9
3,Andrea Hennyey,8
4,Karl Reinholdsson,6,5
4,Rolf Svensson,6,5
6,Arne Högberg,4,5
6,Monica Lundström,4,5
8,Knut Högvall,1,5
8,Uwe Klosa,1,5
8,Nghiem-Anh Nguyen,1,5
8,Per Ybo,1,5
12,Eskil Hermansson,0
12,Magnus Wåhlberg,0
14,Johan Andersson,0
14,Emma Angberg,0

Totalställning Svenska Cupen (poängplatser):
1,Tommy Radesäter,20
2,Laszlo Hennyey,18
3,Andrea Hennyey,14
4,Arne Högberg,12,5
4,Rolf Svensson,12,5
6,Knut Högvall,7,5
7,Karl Reinholdsson,7,36
8,Per Ybo,5,5
9,Monica Lundström,4,5
10,Uwe Klosa,2,36
11,Nima Nguyen,1,5
12,Emma Angberg,0,86
12,Eskil Hermansson,0,86
12,Anna Kviselius,0,86
12,Karl Mårtens,0,86
12,Anders Saadio,0,86

Iaido-SM 2014 – Resultat

1. Shuzo Yamamoto, Glimminge budokan
2. Anna-Lena Olsson, Göteborgs Budosällskap Shobukan
3. Patrik Sallermo, Linköpings budoklubb
3. Mattias Sjölander, Umekawa budokai


1. Nghiem-Anh Nguyen, Linköpings budoklubb
2. Astrid Theutenberg, FSKA
3. Olof Fransson, Göteborgs Budosällskap Shobukan
3. Ulf Mohager, Sölvesborgs budosällskap


1. Astrid Öman, FSKA
2. Gabriel Grunberg, Komaki iai kendoförening
3. Lars Thellman, Glimminge budokan
3. Rickard von Haugwitz, Göteborgs Budosällskap Shobukan


1. Joel Bergmark, Umekawa budokai
2. Fredrik Broman, Glimminge budokan
3. Johan Andersson, Falkenbergs judoklubb
3. Simon Bleiker, FSKA


1. Mattias Jansson, Linköpings budoklubb
2. Patrik Almqvist, Glimminge budokan
3. Caroline Lindholm, Linköpings budoklubb
3. Sida Yin, FSKA


1. Linköping 1, Linköpings budoklubb
Caroline Lindholm, Mattias Jansson, Patrik Karlsson
Sida Yin, Simon Bleiker, Astrid Öman
3. FJK, Falkenbergs judoklubb
Johan Andersson, Caiza Almén Wranning, Joel Wranning
3. Glimminge 1, Glimminge budokan
Pontus Andersson, Fredrik Broman, Patrik Almqvist

Fighting spirit

Individuellt: Joel Wranning, Falkenbergs judoklubb
Lag: Martin Ledin, Shogun iaido Halmstad