EJC Dangraderingar 14 september 2014

Jodo Dangraderingar 1-7 Dan i Turin, Finland sker den 14 september.

Ansökan om att gradera vid EJC 2014 ska vara ordförande tillhanda senast 10 augusti 2014. Använd blanketten som hittas under GRADERING. Obs att betalning av anmälningsavgiften ska vara Förbundet tillhanda senast 17 augusti för att anmälan ska anses giltig.

Meddelande från EKF:
“SPECIAL Information on Dan-EXAMINATION (rokudan/nanadan):

Generally, we very much appreciate strict adherence to the simple rules laid down for dan examinations, since we strongly believe that this is the best way to keep up high standards for the benefit of all practitioners. However, we note the effect the split of EIC and EJC starting from 2010 had on training periods between exams, in particular for rokudan and nanadan. However, this effect will laps soon, so the necessity for such discussion will also soon disappear.

Furthermore, we note the few opportunities to enter exams for rokudan and nanadan in Iaido and Jodo in Europe.

Consequently, as was done in earlier years, an exception will be granted by the EKF BO for rokudan and nanadan to register for the examination at the EJC (Torino) and/or EIC (Vantaa), even though they may be short of training time a few month ( less than five months) because they have passed their present grade at an earlier EJC or EIC, before the events were split to dates separated by more than a few days.”