Inbjudan till Kitamoto 2019

Förbundet har fått en inbjudan att nominera kandidater till Kitamoto-lägret 2019.

All information finns att läsa längre ner på sidan.

Anmäl dig genom att skicka all nödvändig information (se inbjudan) till senast den 31 januari.

Förbundet beslutar sedan om rangordningen och skickar en lista till FIK som i sin tur prioriterar.

Besked ges till kandidaterna så snart besked finnes.

December 11, 2018
FIK Affiliated Organizations & Non-affiliated Organizations
2019 Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Summer Seminar

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are happy to announce that the 46th Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Summer Seminar hosted by All Japan Kendo Federation will be held as follows.
The purpose of this seminar is to foster Kendo leaders in each country, therefore we would like Kendo practitioners who are suitable for this purpose to participate in this event. The curriculum of the seminar shall help participants promote proper Kendo in their countries and give better instructions to their students after they get back to their own countries.

If there are persons who you would like to recommend for this seminar from your organization, please refer to the following instructions and send us an application form.

  1. Term: July 19 (FRI) – July 26 (FRI), 2019
  2. Place: Gedatsukai Kenshu Center
    (Kitamoto City, Saitama Pref., Approximately 1 hour from Ueno St. by train)
  3. Qualifications of Participants:
    1) Officially registered members of your organization and those who are recommended by the President of the organization
    2) Those who are instructors presently or potential instructors in your organization.
    3) Those with Kendo 3 Dan up to 6 Dan in principle
    4) Those who understand Japanese or English to some extent (because the language used at the seminar is Japanese and it is interpreted into English only.)
    **Please do not include Japanese nationals who have belonged (or will belong) to your organization for a short period (a few years) or who will return to Japan in near future, and those who currently live in Japan with member registration of your organization.
  4. Expected Number of Participants: Approximately 50 in total
    1) The number of the applicants that are recommended by each country should be 3 or less. (Write the names of the applicants in order of priority in the prescribed application form.)
    2) In case the total number of the applicants exceeds 50, AJKF shall conduct a screening based on the situation of Kendo promotion in each country/region, the order of priority from each country/region, Dan of the applicants, the past records of participation from each country/region and some other conditions, to select the participants. Please note that all the applicants who are selected from each country/region cannot participate in that seminar.
  5. How to apply: Application Deadline: February 15, 2019
    1) Fill out the attached form “Application for 2019 Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Summer Seminar”, and send the form with the sign of President of the organization to AJKF (Attn: ****** and CC: ******** ) by the above deadline. We appreciate your strict observing the deadline.
    2) The President of the organization will be informed of the result of the screening (whether the applicants can participate or not) at the end of April from AJKF.
  6. Curriculum:
    History of Kendo, Fundamental Practice, Drill in Techniques, Kendo-Kata, Refereeing, Coaching, etc.
  7. Expenses:
    Each participant shall bear his/her own round-trip ticket from his/her country to Japan. AJKF shall bear the expenses (accommodations and meals) during the seminar term and also pay 5,000 Yen as subsidy for domestic transportation fare to each participant.
  8. Dan Examinations:
    AJKF Dan examination will be held for the qualified participants who desire to take it on the last day of the seminar term. (The participants for the seminar only are eligible for the Dan examination application.) AJKF will inform each participant (those who are selected as the participants by AJKF) on how to apply for the Dan examination in due course.

Sincerely yours,
Yukio Sato
Managing Director
All Japan Kendo Federation
Attachment: Application Sheet for Foreign Kendo Leaders’ Summer Seminar 2019