Oslo Open 2015

Oslo Open is an international kendo tournament with 30 years of history. There are usually participants from all kendo-clubs in Norway and most clubs in Sweden. Clubs from several other nations have also been participating.

Oslo Open this year will be held 5-6th of September.

There will be dan and kyu classes on Saturday and a mixed 3-person team competition on Sunday.
If there are 12 or more ladies, there will also be a ladies class on Saturday.

There will be examinations from 1-3dan open for everyone and 4-1kyu examinations for norwegian residents only.

Deadline 28.August
The registration fee is 400NOK for all classes to be paid on site.
Please use the form provided in the link to register.


Read more at http://www.osi.uio.no/kendo/wiki/doku.php?id=oslo_open